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What is Coffee Roasting?

Many people wonder what in fact is coffee roasting?  You first need to start with a coffee bean which is a seed of the Coffea plant.  The coffee beans are technically not beans, however, they are called beans due to their resemblance of a standard bean.  

The seed is removed from the cherry of the the plant and then dried out.  All the beans are considered green beans which are all processed.  There are a variety of ways green beans are processed which result in a tremendous difference in the taste or flavor of the roasted or brewed coffee.

The coffee roasting process is done prior to the brewing of the coffee.  Coffee roasting technically is considered the altering of the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans through heat or roasting.  This roasting causes the green beans to change in taste.  

Most of the coffee today is roasted commercially but there are some people who do coffee roasting at their residence.  Commercial roasters take the green beans that are received by the roaster and then sorted, roasted by a machine and then cooled.  Once the product is cooled, they are then packaged as the coffee beans you see today.  

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