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The Two Most Commonly Grown Coffee Beans Worldwide

There are many varieties of coffee beans throughout the world.  The two most commonly grown beans are the Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta.  Coffee plants are grown all over the world in over seventy countries.  

All coffee beans, once roasted, look the same; however, there is a significant difference between Arabica and Robusta.  The main differences between the two are taste, price and the growing conditions.   The Arabica coffee bean has a much smoother, subtle and sweeter taste than the Robusta bean.  The Robusta bean is also cheaper in cost than the Arabica bean.  The reason being the Arabica has a better taste to it and is harder to grow.  We at Jersey Dog Coffee only roast with Arabica beans which is a superior bean as previously stated.  

If searching for a dark, medium or light roast Arabica coffee bean, you can view our selection by clicking here.  Our quality and taste will no doubt put a smile on your face.  You won't be disappointed!


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