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Rescue Dogs, Coffee & Jersey Dog Coffee

Coffee Roaster Fresh Roasted Coffee in New Jersey Rescue Dogs

Our entire life, we have had a dog in our household.  Our dogs are another person in our family who we love unconditionally and treat just like we would a brother or sister.  They are loving, loyal, fun and always there for you when things are going well, but also always there when things are not going well.  A dog loves you unconditionally and just wants to be loved in return.  Their life revolves around love.  This is a great concept on how we should live life.  Around love.  

We currently have a rescue dog as shown in the picture named Cody.  He had a tragic story from when he was a puppy, too gruesome to even go into detail but he is now with us, in a loving and caring home.  We do everything with Cody from watching tv, to taking walks, to just even cuddling with him on the bed, on the floor or wherever.  He is a big loving baby :-)

Once we adopted Cody, our hearts melted.  We wanted all shelter dogs to have as good a life as Cody does.  This being said, we had an idea on paper of starting a business that contributed to helping no-kill animal shelters.  We thought to ourselves, "What business can we start combining this idea with a business?"  We soon realized that we drink coffee everyday all day hence coming up with Jersey Dog Coffee.  Amazing fresh roasted coffee, roasted daily in New Jersey, that donates portions of the profits to no-kill animal shelters.  This business combines a passion for coffee and the world surrounding it with our love and need to help the no-kill animal shelters.  Every bag purchased helps!

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