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AMA Animal Rescue Who We Currently Donate To.

To start off, as mentioned previously, Jersey Dog Coffee's mission is to donate portions of profits to no-kill animal shelters.  One amazing shelter we have donated to and care about very much is AMA Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, New York.  We did a lot of research on which no-kill, nonprofit organizations we should be donating to and each search came up with AMA Animal Rescue.  Here is a little about their organization below:

"Angels for Mistreated Animals (AMA) is a foster-based animal rescue organization founded in Brooklyn. After obtaining a New York State 501(c)3 status in 2014, the organization’s mission has always been to safeguard animals who have experienced the most severe cases of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Since its inception, team AMA has saved countless sick, injured and abused pet companions from near death, domestically and abroad. The organization’s long-term goal is to open a true no-kill animal sanctuary with high quality, in-house veterinary services as well as clean, spacious enclosures and outdoor space. Through efficient operations, adequate awareness and public support, AMA continues to create loving futures and erase painful pasts."  

Here is a link to their company as well:

We will continue to support this outstanding organization as we want the best for all animals. 

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